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Best Traffic Addon for Seoer in browser, save time and effort, promote your keywords on the Google search engine.

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This is the number of registered members. Members will exchange view each other plays, the more quantity, the diversity of views as high.

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This is the successful exchange of views on the Traffic4seo's system .

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This is the number of users online on the Traffic4seo's system .

Time on Site

With time to see a turn for over 5 minutes. You will have time on your site quite high with 2 views on once you have time on site for more than 10 minutes.

Pageviews per Visitor

With the mechanism of multiple views on a visitor. Each view is a random page from the previous page to increase Pageviews per Visitor. Even more amazing is the amount of this view is not popup or refer from

External links

Your views are refer from other sites if you use the view mode from external sites. Help your keywords are quickly pushed to the search engines. To setting it in manager

Search Google

Our tool lets you search for keywords in google and go to the link you need.


Hit views from social networks (Google Plus, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest ...) is necessary. It promotes the search engine rated good for your website.

Rank Alexa

When using this tool to increase traffic, your Alexa rank will increase significantly.